Preparing For Ministry

Pastor Austin Gardner gives practical and Biblical advice on how to prepare for the ministry that God has for us.

The Extraordinary Story of Randy Stirewalt

Today, our friend and a missionary, Randy Stirewalt went to be with Lord. Mrs. Phyllis said he preached most of the night and she asked him...

Latin America News: Eternal Tragedy Ignored

In a hurricane season with record-shattering 30-named storms, it is no surprise that Honduras, a Central American country, has been affected. What is unusual is...

Who Will Go Italy? 60 Million People In Need of the Gospel

Pizza. Pasta. Art. Football. Cars. Fashion. Gelato. There is much to love about Italy, a long mountainous peninsula that dominates the central Mediterranean. With sixty...

Latin America News: Storm Eta and Guatemala

Hurricane Eta hit Guatemala after weakening into a tropical depression. President Giammattei said rescue efforts to find the storm’s survivors were limited by lack of...

Shipwrecked from Freedom

Featured Article:A recent shipwreck off the coast of Libya has taken the lives of 74 migrants with close to 50 survivors having to be rescued....

VBM Asia Spotlight: Kanon and Nancy Bloom | China

Who: Kanon and Nancy Bloom have been serving as church planting missionaries to China with Vision Baptist Missions since 2015. They are members of Vision...

Latin America News: 5 Presidents in 5 years

Earlier this week, the Peruvian Congress impeached President Martin Vizcarra due to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and alleged corruption. Congress claims that Vizacarra’s...

Latin America News: Urgency in Bolivia

A lot has been said and written about Bolivia lately, with the controversial results of the elections they had in October 2020. After 14 years...

Passcode to the Missionary Problem: What Should We Study Then?

What Should We Study Then? As a pastor who is responsible to preach about missions and the need in the world, there should be specific...

14 dead by jihadist in Burkina Faso

A convoy of soldiers were ambushed in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. In a fight to show who is in power 14 soldiers lost...

HELP!!! “Islam insurgency in Mozambique is gaining ground.”

More than 50 people were decapitated in Mozambique according to one source. Islam is making a strong push into all of Africa, you can read...
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