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God is writing an incredible story. He has already used our young team to make a big impact. Our vision is to train missionaries who go around the world, training leaders and planting multiple churches. 

To do this, we need a place where missionaries can be trained. Our current facilities are limited. To grow and stay true to our vision, we must expand! To do that, we need your help!

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We are just a few short days away from taking a big step of faith!

We are actively looking for 30-40 acres of land in north Georgia for a location for our campus so we can expand our training programs. Please pray with us!

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Support Personnel Needed! Estate Planners, Video, Web, Graphic Design, Writers, Teachers, and More

Effective armies have both soldiers on the front lines and soldiers on the supplies lines. The ratio of support and supply personnel to combat soldiers is often called the “tooth-to-tail ratio”. Usually, the amount of supporting roles is much higher than the number of combatants. But each must do their role for the army to...
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Over 30 Turkish Soldiers Killed in Northern Syrian Attack

Last night in northern Syria a military strike occurred. This military strike took the lives of at least 33 Turkish soldiers and injured close to 50 more. For more details about what happened, check out this article. Many of those that were killed were in their early 20’s and just starting their lives. One of...
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One in Three Venezuelans Face Hunger

By: Courtney Mathos A nationwide study done in Venezuela shows that one-third of the population is facing food insecurity, living mostly off of tubers (a root plant) and beans. This is not because food cannot be found, but because people cannot afford it. Because of this, people have reported reducing the amount of quality food...
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Prayer Leader Stabbed at London Mosque

A 70 year old leader at a central London mosque was stabbed by one of the men attending prayers. Fortunately, doctors are sure that the injuries sustained by the victim are not life-threatening, and the police have the other man in custody.  At a time like this, we ask how something like this could happen....
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Nine Dead in Turkey from Earthquake

On Sunday morning an earthquake struck in Iran that affected both villages in Iran and Turkey. In the region of Van, Turkey 9 people were killed in the earthquake and at least 50 were injured. Almost 700 buildings were also damaged or destroyed because of the earthquake. To find out more read this story. One...
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Next Steps: What Can I Do For World Evangelism?

If you have ever asked, “What must a person do to become a missionary?” Here are some practical things you could do right now to get involved in world evangelism. 1) Get involved serving in your home church by helping your pastor 2) Help during your church’s missions conference 3) Pray over a world map...
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Locust Threatening E. Africa

Please read this article and pray for more laborers to go to East Africa.  There is a crisis that is happening in East Africa. The worst locust infestation in over 70 years. With an increased population and now a shortage of crops, some experts say this could be a plague. The U.N. is now warning of...
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Asia News: India Now the 5th Largest Economy

By Missionary to India Jeff Brown According to IMF’s October World Economic Outlook, India is now the fifth-largest economy in the world. In the past year, it has jumped over both France and the United Kingdom in total GDP (Gross Domestic Product.)  While this is an impressive accomplishment for a country that many people would still...
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Big Dreams from a Small City

– Missionary Stephen Carrier You can be anything you want to be, even president of the United States, if you set your mind to it and work hard.” I heard these words growing up and took them directly to heart. President of the United States. Big dreams for a boy from a small city.And yet...
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Become A Missionary

We would love to help you live out God's calling on your life.

Jesus commanded His Church to reach the World. The problem is that most don’t know how. We provide practical training for effective ministry.

Austin Gardner is the founding Pastor of Vision Baptist Church and a veteran missionary to the country of Peru, South America for over 20 years. The Lord blessed his ministry and allowed him to train pastors and leaders in the ministry that have started 80+ churches all over the world. He is a sought-after speaker on missions and travels extensively as a part of his continuing ministry of training missionaries.

It is his heart’s desire to help pastors and churches become more involved in fulfilling the task of world evangelism. If there is anyway that he can help you or you church please let us know. 

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