December 26, 2019


What a wrong against mankind to keep the knowledge of the mission of Christ to men from two-thirds of the race. Our sense of obligation must be intensified when we ask ourselves the question, If we do not preach Christ where He has not been named, who will? “God has ‘committed unto us the word...
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Islamist terror group Boko Haram, an affiliate of the Islamic State, attacked a largely Christian village new Chibok in northeastern Nigeria on Christmas Eve and killed seven people. A teenage girl was also reportedly abducted from the village. The people of Nigeria in this northeastern region live in fear. They need help. Only God can...
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104 Church of Sweden churches have closed since the year 2000. The Swedish government financially supports these churches each year but due to a lack of interest the churches are quickly dying. They are being demolished or even turned into mosques. The Church of Sweden is not a Biblical church. They have expressed a fondness...
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