April 1, 2020


China has been reporting less and less new cases of the novel coronavirus. Many people in China are confident that the worst is past and that things will get back to normal soon. The economy however is suffering. According to an article by thepochtimes factory activity actually expanded in March, but the economy is still...
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There is new evidence that social-distancing is helping with the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom. Last week, the UK began a lockdown with people only being allowed to leave the house for the “minimum necessities and daily exercise.” The result has been a leveling out of new cases being discovered, which officials are hoping will...
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Latin America is in a uniquely vulnerable position in its fight against COVID-19. Overall regional economic growth in the last year was less than 1%. Violent protests, social upheaval, and calls for reform characterized 2019 for Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Chile. The region has also grappled with the 4.6 million Venezuelans that have fled...
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