Asia News: Bright News in Japan

According to an article by Disrn, certain Japanese students held a mock graduation ceremony using the game Minecraft. Since schools have been cancelled and graduation ceremonies called off because of the coronavirus, these students decided to spend some of their time creating this virtual event. 

A father of one of the students called the virtual ceremony “… bright news that shines in a gloomy social situation.” It is sad that this is considered bright news. The times are indeed dark, but the real bright news isn’t the momentary pleasure a ceremony acted out on a video game can bring, but rather the eternal salvation Jesus Christ offers. 

Less than 1% of the 127 million people in Japan even claim to be Christian. Sadly, very few missionaries are there preaching the Gospel. Most people in Japan have no hope! Would you pray for God to send laborers to take the Gospel to Japan? Would you consider if God would have you give your life to be a missionary to Japan? 

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