Asia News: Christians Calling for Release of a Christian Imprisoned in North Korea

According to an article by The Christian Post Christians around the world are asking for the release from prison of an ethnic Korean Chinese Christian nicknamed Deacon Jang. Deacon Jang is a Chinese citizen who lived in a Chinese town on the border of North Korea. According to the article, he helped with physical needs and taught the Bible to North Koreans who would illegally cross into China to gather food and supplies. Through his witness, many of these North Korean visitors became Christians. About six years ago North Korean officials crossed into China and kidnapped Deacon Jang and sentenced him to jail in a North Korean prison. Recently a campaign has been established to try to write letters to the US ambassador to North Korea to urge to ask for his release.

North Korea’s persecution of Christians is possibly the harshest in the world. They are doing everything they absolutely can to keep the Gospel out. They don’t want their people coming into contact with anyone that would share the Gospel with them. No matter how hard they try though, we know that God is stronger. Satan cannot stop God’s work. Would you pray for God to help the Gospel get into this closed country? Would you ask the Lord to help the multitudes of people in North Korea hear the Gospel?

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