Asia News: Major Flooding in China

China has experienced a record amount of rainfall and flooding in the past couple of weeks. More heavy rain is forecasted. According to an article by the epoch times all three of China’s main rivers are flooded. Also tens of thousands of people in Anhui Province were in need of rescue, as there city was surrounded by floodwaters without access to electricity, clean water, and telecommunications. To keep flood waters from submerging highly populated cities, authorities have been releasing flood waters into rural areas which has destroyed acres of valuable crops that were just about to be harvested. Thousands of people’s homes and valuables have been destroyed. Thousands of people have been misplaced and will have to wait until the flooding recedes before they can return home.

While the flooding in China is a major disaster and has caused much hurt and loss, it is a minor problem compared to the problem of the lack of Gospel witness. The Bible tells us that all people are sinners and guilty before God. Jesus Christ is the only way people’s sins can be forgiven. He is the only way people can avoid an eternity in hell. However most people in China have never had the gospel shared with them. There aren’t churches they can go to and learn about Jesus. There is a huge void of Gospel witness. This is the biggest disaster China faces. They need laborers to take the Gospel to them. Would you pray for God to send more laborers to take the Gospel to China? Would you consider what God might have you do with your life to help reach people in China?

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