Asia News: North Korean Leader in Possible Danger After Surgery

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is in possible danger after surgery according to an article by CNN. According to the article a South Korean newspaper claims that Kim reportedly received a cardiovascular system procedure on April 12. Kim received the cardiovascular system procedure because of “excessive smoking, obesity, and overwork,” according to the news site, and is now receiving treatment in a villa in Hyangsan County following his procedure. This report has yet to be verified, but what is known for sure is that April 15 — North Korea’s most important holiday, the anniversary of the birth of the country’s founding father, Kim Il Sung — came and went without any official mention of Kim Jong Un’s movements.

It is very strange and rare for the holiday to pass without a mention of Kim Jong Un. Information is hard to obtain because North Korea controls their own press. They haven’t made any official announcements. In all reality Kim Jong Un could already be dead, could be fighting for his life in a hospital, or could be completely recovered. We just don’t know.

Whatever situation is actually happening, would you please pray for North Korea? The people there are some of the most oppressed in the world. The Gospel is banned from the country and people that do find out about Christianity and believe on Jesus are quickly persecuted. The people there are without hope without the Gospel. Would you pray that whatever is happening with the leader in North Korea, that God would use this to open the country up to preachers of the Gospel. Would you pray that missionaries would be able to go into North Korea and reach the people there with the good news of Jesus Christ?

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