Brady and Sarah Van Winkle, Turkey

We are Brady and Sarah Van Winkle, church planters to the country of Turkey. We both grew up in Christian homes and accepted Christ as our Savior early on in life. At the age of 13, after God had put missions around me (Brady) for several years, I knew that God wanted me to give my life to missions.

I went off to Crown College to study missions and Sarah was there studying elementary education. We both graduate in 2011. She went back to her home church in Wytheville, VA and taught school, while God opened the door for me to move to Pine Bluff, AR to be the youth pastor at Liberty Baptist Church.

While there, God worked in my life and grew me, and I was able to see several, young people saved and discipled. After being in Pine Bluff for almost 2 years, I began to reconnect with Sarah and then moved to where she was in Wytheville, VA. We were married February 14, 2014. A few months later we came down to the first Vision Impact Weekend hoping to talk with missionaries and get their advice on starting deputation, but instead realized that we needed to move down and get more training.

So we moved down to Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, GA in June of 2015 to complete a one year internship.

During that time, we had the privilege to start ESL classes at Vision and through that, God brought a Turkish family into the church. By working with them, God worked in our hearts to direct us to the country of Turkey. We started deputation in June of 2016 and will be leaving out for Turkey on January, 29 2019! We are excited to be getting to the country of Turkey and begin working on learning the Turkish language!

Our plans are to move to the city of Izmir, Turkey where we will attend language school. We know the country of Turkey is 99.8% Muslim, but we also believe that God is at work in the country of Turkey. There are open doors in Turkey to start churches and preach the gospel that you do not find in many Muslim countries! Please pray for us as we finish up deputation that first we can get the remainder of the support we need, but also, as we get to Turkey, that we can learn the language and adapt to the culture quickly!

Personal Info:
Email: brady@truthtoturkey
Facebook: Truth to Turkey
Twitter @bradyvanwinkle
Instagram: @truthtoturkey
Phone: 870-329-9821
Anniversary: 2/14/14
Birthdays: Brady: 3/18/188 Sarah: 7/21/89

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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