Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush discuss the critical importance of the faith of a missionary in his work. How is a missionary’s faith important in establishing a strong national church?It is so important that you believe God and that God can save, raise up, and train. When the Lord was in His ministry...
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This week, Pastor Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush discuss the dangers of being ‘the angry man’ and the effects it can have when you’re on the mission field. Also, during the course of the podcast several resources are mentioned that you can find links for below: You can visit Our Generation Publishing by clicking...
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This week, on Leadership With Vision, Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM director Jeff Bush give biblical warning about the dangers of sexual sins from the book of Proverbs, as well as the consequences for ignoring these warnings from the Bible. Also, during the intro, the upcoming Annual World Evangelism Conference is mentioned. You can find...
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