Helpful material such as quotes, biographies, missions devotionals and history, articles for women, and articles on sending out missionaries.

My Pastor, Austin Gardner, sent me this article this morning and I believe it is great. I especially like the part about “expository preaching”. It is often said at our church we should be “people of the book”. That is a core value of our church and hopefully every church. For the last month I have been preaching...
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During short vacation last February I was flipping through the tv and saw a cartoon called King of the Hill was talking about church youth groups. It was called “Reborn to be Wild” and was nominated for an award by The Writers Guild of America. Which is amazing how Christians adults can not talk about...
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Taken from Source4ym Pick 1 student from each side of the room to compete against one another.  The students in the audience will be given sheets of paper beforehand; and each sheet will have a word printed on it.  At the beginning of the game, the audience holds their papers face down. Each competitor will be given...
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