–Missionary Kyle Shreve Why did I choose Latin America? Or why did Latin America choose me? I think why I choose Latin America, or why anyone should consider it, comes down to a tension between two seemingly opposing truths, God’s calling versus human logic. The first truth is that I believe God called me. There...
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Whose money is it, mine or God’s? All that we have belongs to the Lord, yet some of us have difficulty putting this truth into practice. We become anxious about our level of support and worry that too many gifts or loans will place us in financial jeopardy. A helpful technique may be to set...
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The idea of contextualization is to frame the gospel message in language and communication forms appropriate and meaningful to the local culture and to focus the message upon crucial issues in the lives of the people. The contextualized indigenous church is built upon culturally appropriate methods of evangelism; the process of discipling draws upon methods...
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