Your deputation is a self fulfilling prophecy. Your faith and trust in God causes you to act a certain way and it will produce certain results. If you think that the pastor will give you a meeting it is much more likely to happen if you believe. Your faith or lack thereof is heard in...
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You can purchase the Deputation Manual for 99 cents for the Kindle right now. The book costs $17 on paper. If you own a kindle here is your chance. If you are a missionary looking for help with deputation this is your chance. This pre-field deputation manual has helped many missionaries to discover the fundamental...
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I have just lowered the price of the Kindle edition of the Deputation Manual to $0.99 or 99 cents. If you own a kindle I encourage you to go and purchase it. This book is to help missionaries raise their support to get to the field as soon as possible. Since I lowered the price...
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