Nigeria is in the news again. This time in an article by the Wall Street Journal. There is an all out war to rid the country of the Middle Belt of non-muslims. The Boko Haram is an Islamic terror group. They are responsible for systematic attacks that include rape, killing, horrible cruelty, and destruction. Several...
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This week we are hosting three episodes of Travis Snode’s, Missionary to the United Kingdom, podcast Reaching the Isles. Today he is interviewing two other Vision Baptist Missions missionaries about their work with the Muslim people. Later this week, he will be interviewing Pastor Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush. take a minutes to listen...
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Pastor Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush cover the topic of missions trips from how to be prepared to go on a missions trip to how to prepare the people who you might take on a missions trip. They also discuss the impact a missionary might have on a visiting group and how a missionary...
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