Church Planting


Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush continue the discussion of goals on the mission field that was started last week by explaining the goals of the first two years. Now the missionary is back from their first furlough and are ready to start their first full term. What should they do? What are...
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Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush answer a missionary’s question. Whether you will one day be in this missionary’s shoes, or whether you are already a veteran who will one day have a missionary like this one in your ministry, this podcast is sure to be a help to you! We’ve been on...
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Today on the podcast, Pastor Austin Gardner is joined by Jason Holt, veteran missionary in Santiago, Chile. Jason talks about how the Lord has blessed in Chile as well some struggles he has dealt with in the ministry. He and pastor discuss how Chile is far from being reached and how Latin America is still...
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