News about what is going on in the continent of Africa from a mission’s perspective.

I want to challenge you to read this blog post by Keith Shumaker. He serves as a church planting missionary in Burkina Faso. God is really using him. Sometimes you may take for granted how good God has been to you or your freedom. Click here to read about the Persecution in Burkina Faso.
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God blessed me many years ago allowing me to work with Mark Coffey. This video goes to the heart and soul of what we believe in and practice at Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions. It is what we would love to train you to do at the Our Generation Training Center. Watch and...
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Tonight “Bro. Aaron” from Project North Africa preached at our church. It was one of the most phenomenal services that I have ever been in. I do not say that lightly. I have been in many great church services, missions conferences, and camps. Because it is late I will be brief. He told about his...
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