Middle East


News about what is going on in the Middle East from a mission’s perspective.

The pressure must have affected Iran at least a little. They are now claiming that the Iranian pastor is facing execution for Rape not Religion. You can read the Fox News story right here. Here are the highlights from this story: Iranian evangelical pastor Yousef Nadarkhani has been sentenced to death for apostasy. (Christian Solidarity...
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You can get involved by sending an email right now! Click here to help. These are the facts from the web page asking you to get involved: The facts: – Pastor Nadarkhani is repeatedly being asked by the court in Rasht to renounce his faith in order to avoid execution and that the last chance...
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Egypt David and Beth X. live and serve in Egypt. You should know by now that life is very turbulent there. The US embassy has advised all Americans to leave the country. There is rioting, fighting, gun fire, and looting taking place right in front of our missionary’s home. After much prayer and not really...
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I think that for many independent Baptists this is still a new term though it shouldn’t be. This is a map of what we call the 10/40 Window. It includes countries in Northern Africa, India, Asia, etc. Very little is being done in this area of the world to get the gospel to them. I...
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