Europe News: Dutch supreme court approves euthanasia for dementia patients

This past Tuesday, the highest court in the Netherlands approved the use of euthanasia for people with advanced dementia, provided that the person already had given permission beforehand.

Christian Post said, “The decision comes on the heels of a controversial case where a doctor was cleared of wrongdoing after he euthanized a 74-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s and had requested to be euthanized before her condition worsened.”

Christian Post also said this is not surprising for a country with an “ever-expanding national killing policy that already permits infanticide, joint geriatric euthanasia of married couples, termination of the mentally ill, conjoining euthanasia with organ harvesting, and the lethal injections of people with disabilities.”

Please pray for countries in Europe like the Netherlands that have lost their moral compass. Their rejection of God has led to all sorts of evil and immoral living. They need the freedom that can only be found in Christ.

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Travis has been a church planter to the United Kingdom since 2002 and also serves as the Europe Field Director for Vision Baptist Missions.

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