Latin America News: Uncertainty in Mexico

By Katherine Holt, OGTC Student

Due to the global pandemic, Mexico’s economic output is suffering as never before. In the first quarter alone, their gross domestic product steeped 17.3%. In three months, industrial production dropped as low as 23.6%. As the confirmed Coronavirus cases in this country exponentially rise, hitting close to half a million, the high hopes for the close return of a more stable economy, plummet. Mexico’s GDP is down 10.5% from the first half of 2019. This nation of over 126 million residents is becoming greatly unemployed as all non-essential jobs have been furloughed or permanently ceased altogether.

Instability seems to be the key word in terms of work and provision for the average family. But even as earthly uncertainty ensues this year, heavenly uncertainty has run rampant for centuries. This predominantly Catholic nation has helplessly placed unstable belief in repeated prayers and fire-burning candles. As family members are said to enter purgatory, their loved ones pour their savings into an ineffective solution, hoping that maybe one more recitation will be the answer to all their burdens. But we are wholly convinced that this false doctrine enslaving Latin American countries has one path, and it leads to hell. The devil has firmly placed his grip on the hearts of the hopeless. There will be no certainty nor peace until Jesus has been proclaimed Lord over their lives.

Most Mexican’s would tell you that this is their faith. But the deceitful, fallen angel, Satan, has just slightly perverted the Scriptures, making the glasses through which they see salvation all about their works and not about His grace. We know that if one part of the gospel is changed, it no longer is the gospel. Economic suffering is beginning. A recession deeper than the Great Depression is expected. But after this earthly life, what will matter? Will the economy still be the greatest concern? Who will take the gospel to the hurting people of Mexico?

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