This week we are hosting three episodes of Travis Snode’s, Missionary to the United Kingdom, podcast Reaching the Isles. Today he is interviewing two other Vision Baptist Missions missionaries about their work with the Muslim people. Later this week, he will be interviewing Pastor Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush. take a minutes to listen and see what God is doing in Europe!

  • Intro
    • Travis Snode is with Brady van Winkle and Micah Rastelli, both missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions in Europe
  • Brady’s Testimony
    • Spent the last six months in Turkey in language school
    • Was saved at eight years old
    • Grew up in a missions-focused church, and, growing up, felt like muslim missions was God’s will
    • Went to Vision Baptist Church After graduating college and serving in several ministries
    • During that time, God sent a Turkish family to the church, and God really used that in Brady’s life
  • Micah’s Testimony
    • Born in a Christian family with parents who were missionaries in Italy
    • Believed in the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age
    • Grew up going to church his whole life
    • Went to the Training Center and after graduating became a deacon at the church
    • He was working in a company that had a lot of Bosnian employees which God used to spark an interest
    • God later called him to be a missionary to Bosnia
    • He’s been there for the past 18 months and has been learning the language 
  • The need in Turkey
    • Turkey has a little over 80 million people 
    • They are 99% Muslim
    • Most people, however, are just cultural Muslim
    • There is real openness to work in the country 
    • You can preach freely and have open churches with signs and everything
    • People are curious about the Bible
    • There are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world, and most muslim countries are very closed
    • However, Turkey is just totally open to evangelism 
    • It is one of very few Muslim countries with a wide open door to be reached
    • Brady lives in Ismir which has about 5 million people in the surrounding area 
    • Brady’s has more information at
    • They are planning on hosting a missions trip in Turkey
  • The Need in Bosnia
    • In the US when people think about Bosnia, they pretty much only think about the war from 1992-1995
    • Many Americans think that the war is still going
    • However, the war has been over for 20 years, and they enjoy political peace
    • The population is about 4 million
    • It is 50% muslim with the rest of the population being predominately Orthodox or Catholic
    • If you talk to anyone who is a believer, they would say that there are only 500 believers in the whole country
    • There is very little going on for the Gospel
    • The capital of Sarajevo, where Micah lives, has between 400,000 and 700,000 people
    • If you take all the churches in the capital and remove the foreigners, you would have about 50 Bosnian people that would claim to be believers
    • Micah and his family just finished language school
    • They are planning on getting ready to start their first church
    • Language learning is a lot harder than you think it is 
    • But it can also be a lot of fun if you learn to laugh at yourself and make it fun
    • Micah has more information at
  • Evangelizing Muslims
    • Muslim people are just people
    • Often times people think that Muslims are extremely different, but they aren’t really
    • The Gospel works in all contexts
    • You should never attack their religion or their prophets
    • It doesn’t do anything for the Gospel to start a fight
    • Be friends to them
    • Most Christians are afraid of Muslims
    • But if you would just befriend them and point them to Christ, they would have the opportunity to know Christ as their Savior.
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