Life at OGTC

The city of Alpharetta, GA is one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in America. Less than thirty minutes from Atlanta, there are limitless opportunities for ministry and recreation which include Lake Lanier (the nation’s most visited lake), the beautiful North Georgia mountains and many other Atlanta area attractions.


Since the goal of the Our Generation Training Center is to train men and women, all students are required to live in the housing provided unless they are already living within driving distance of the OGTC. All single students must either live in the OGTC housing or be given permission to commute from their parent’s residence. Due to the nature of the college program, the OGTC highly recommends that students not living in the housing provided live in a very close proximity to the campus. Students are expected to participate in all school and church activities regardless of residence location.

The living quarters are not set up like a conventional residence hall. Instead the student will be treated as a regular tenant with a few additional rules.

Student Conduct

The students who attend the Our Generation Training Center represent the next generation of Christian leaders that will make an impact on this world for Christ. While their opportunities are great, the OGTC staff members’ expectations are demanding.  Students are expected to live lives that are above reproach.  Each student is personally responsible for their walk with God and their reputation before the world. Each OGTC student’s life reflects the college as a whole, their home church, the field of missions and most importantly, their Lord Jesus Christ.

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