Signs of Life

Today I had the great opportunity to see my child for the first time. My wife, Stephanie, is 8 weeks pregnant and we had our second doctors appointment today. It was absolutely incredible. I can not say we were as Rachel in Genesis 30 or like many of our close friends who had a very...


Today I have spent some time recording some information I know about my students. I am recording more then just information such as address, email address, and school. I am logging information about what sports they like, what subjects they are most likely to bring up, and anything else I can to help me know more about...

Reveal don’t Create

Tonight I tried something new. Definitely something that wasn’t new to Christianity or new to preachers, just new to me.Tonight instead of trying to making sure my exciting, entertaining youth program had an adequate amount of Bible so I knew I wasn’t wasting my time or theirs. I tried my very best to show them how exciting...

“Short Yard Specialist”

This afternoon I watched some of the Georgia/ Florida football. I say I watched some of it because our Senior/Lead Pastor reads this blog on occasion and I don’t want to admit I have watched every minute of it!  I heard a term that I believe I have never heard before. They referred to one...

Preach “all the counsel of God”.. that includes us!

Every Friday I have the great opportunity of participating in a class in the Our Generation Training Center, the missionary training department of our church. Today we came to a discussion about preaching the “full counsel of God”. It is apparent from reading Criswell’s sermons and books that he had a great affinity with Charles...

Law of First “Instance”

Even though I have not been a youth pastor very long I already have a long list of regrets. One is that I did not maximize the “Law of First ‘Instance’” Meaning that I started many things poorly and they still suffer from it today. A couple of examples that you might relate with… The...

Fish grow according to their tank.. do you?

Two days ago I received a 8 inch oscar for my 40 gallon tank. I love it. However, my wife feels like the fish is to big for the tank. Which in someways may be true. The fish would have never grown to that size in that tank. He was raised in an outside fountain....

Youth Pastor.. don’t let them put us in a box!

During short vacation last February I was flipping through the tv and saw a cartoon called King of the Hill was talking about church youth groups. It was called “Reborn to be Wild” and was nominated for an award by The Writers Guild of America. Which is amazing how Christians adults can not talk about...

“Show and Tell”

 On Wednesday I have the opportunity to go to South Forsth High School and talk about South America. Last night, Zach the history teacher from the school was at our home. I was running around showing him all kind of cool souvenirs I have picked up during my travel. This led us into a discussion...
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