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There are no words to express what I think of Robert Canfield. He has been my faithful co-laborer for the last ten years at Vision Baptist Church. His heart for God and the world is enormous and all-consuming.

He is one of the best preachers I know. He lives what he preaches. Listen to some of his messages here.

Robert has done more to train the men that you know as Vision Baptist missionaries than anyone. He spent hours teaching them to preach, pray, witness, and be men of character.

His wife is one of the godliest women I know. Her heart, leadership, and service in our church are unparalleled.

The Canfields would have been on the mission field years ago except for the fact that Kelli and the girls all have a life-threatening disease called Pompe. As a family, they have a wonderful testimony at Vision.

They will bless and help your church like no one else. I am asking you to allow Robert to preach and present their ministry. You will see for yourself and be blessed.

God will reward you greatly with fruit to your account from this very fruitful and blessed ministry.

Robert will be serving with Voice in the Villages on the continent of Africa through Vision Baptist Missions. Robert will travel to and stay in countries all over Africa as he reaches out into the villages. He will travel all over the United States as he seeks to raise up missionaries to go to all those countries.

Robert’s job is and will continue to be multiplying, discipling, and mentoring for the mission of world evangelism. Robert’s goal will be to stir up the people of God to do the job God has left us with, reaching the world in our generation.

Remember that the harvest is plentiful while the laborers are few. It has been said that only about one in a hundred commitments to be a missionary result in a missionary getting to the field.

Robert recently preached a message at a men’s meeting at Vision Baptist Church on the life and ministry of William Carey. He spoke of how unprepared Carey had been. He went unprepared, under financed, and suffered horribly. A man remarked was he called or crazy yet I would say to you that many missionaries go to the field in the same condition. Today, they do not need to go unprepared. They can raise the money. They can be prepared for the ministry God has for them. That is what Robert has been doing for the last ten years.

Pray that Robert can be used of God to wake up the people of God and help the young people get prepared to do what God has called them to do.

Robert will be praying, preaching, and working as hard as he can to continue recruiting, training, and helping every person possible to get involved in God’s work of world evangelism.

About the author

Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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