This week, on Leadership With Vision, Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush give a few good, practical tips on how you can and should protect your marriage. Below you will find notes to this podcast, as well as a link to our new YouTube channel where you can find the video version of this episode.

  1. We need to get into the Word of God.
  2. We need to seek God through prayer
  3. We need to separate ourselves from influences that would destroy our marriage
  4. We need to be careful with our thoughts that we would think the right kind of thoughts. 
  5. We need to be careful with our eyes that we wouldn’t get messed up.
  6. We need to be careful with making comparisons.
  7. We don’t want to develop friendships with the opposite sex.
  8. We want accountability in our lives.
  9. We want to realize how sin takes place.

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