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We are asking for your help training the next generation of missionaries!

Robert CanfieldDirector of the OGTC

For over the last two decades God has allowed me to be involved the ministry of training foreign missionaries. We are firmly focused on training church planters for the cause of world evangelism. The local church is not only important to the future ministry of our students but vitally important to them as they train. 

We are seeking to partner with Baptist churches to provide opportunities for our students to teach and preach God’s Word. We expect out students to preach or teach over 100 times before they leave for their 6 month internship on the mission field! Would you consider allowing one or more of those opportunities to be at your church?

Upon your request and at your conveneince we would send students to your church to preach or teach as you requested. We would ask that you fill out a survey we provide and if possible take them for a meal to encourage them. They would benefit from the advice that you could share with them!


Pastor Austin Gardner / President of the OGTC

You can help!

Future Missionaries looking for opportunities to serve!

  • Youth Services
  • Pulpit Supply (vacations, travel, etc)
  • Missions Emphasis Services
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