Questions from the Pastors [2 of 2]

Missionary Travis Snode is joined one last time by Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush. Together they answer questions about the responsibility of the missionary to effectively train leaders and see the work done on the mission field

  • Missions History in England
    • A lot of missions activity was based out of England
    • William Carey, often called the “Father of Modern Missions,” was sent out of England
    • Now America does the bulk of the missions work in the world
    • There is just not as much missions activity in England anymore
  • How could churches do more to train men?
    • If we’re going to push the missions movement, then we have to believe it ourselves
    • If we aren’t excited and encouraged, we can’t excite or encourage other people 
    • Our attitude really effects our behavior
    • Are we acting like we believe that God is still working?
    • If we do believe that, then let’s go find the young men that we can train and raise up.
    • We are way too timid
    • We don’t except God to do great things
    • We blame God for not working, but we don’t do anything! 
    • It all rises and falls on leadership
    • How much do you believe that God is going to do something?
    • Do they see that you are so on fire and eaten up with it that it makes them want it?
  • How do we counter the assumptions that “It can’t be done.”
    • Brother Jeff and Pastor Gardner both have experience with missionaries who didn’t believe that God could do a work where they were
    • In the Bible we see where Jesus did not many mighty works in a Nazareth because of the unbelief of the local people
    • It’s not just positive thinking, it changes the way you look at people
    • Our faith is believing what we cannot see
  • How can missionaries do a better job of helping churches become independent? 
    • It begins with the missionary starting with the wrong mindset
    • They go to pastor a church on the field
    • The main goal of the missionary is to train leaders
    • The missionary needs to go knowing that he is not going to stay
    • He has to begin putting responsibility on the shoulders of the people in the church

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