Questions from the Pastors [1 of 2]

Today, Missionary Travis Snode is interviewing Pastor Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush about the ministry in the UK as well as asking several questions from the pastors of the churches that have been started.

  • Intro
    • Austin Gardner Pastor of Vision Baptist Church
    • Brother Jeff and I are visiting our missionaries in Europe
    • Vision Baptist Church currently has 40 member missionaries sent out
    • Brother Jeff was previously a missionary in Argentina and is now the director of Vision Baptist Missions
    • Travis met both Pastor and Jeff as a student in Bible College
  • Questions from the Pastors in the UK
    • How do you balance family and ministry?
      • It is our responsibly as men of God to work just as much as the people in our church do
      • We shouldn’t work less than normal working hours
      • Then we can take time to spend with our family and not feel guilty about it
      • There is plenty of time in the week for working and for time with family
      • There isn’t much difference for a pastor and missionary in their work schedule
      • They both have the responsibility to train men and take the Gospel further
      • If the pastor begins to think that he doesn’t have to work to get the Gospel to the whole world, then he is wrong
      • The main responsibility of the pastor before they have a certain number of people is to “do the fishing”
      • It doesn’t matter how good your preaching is if no one is coming to listen! 
      • Once the church begins to grow and more people are coming, then the focus switches to training the young men
      • It is easy to fall into the trap of spending too much time preparing messages that no one is coming to listen to 
    • How do you help a church to grow and train workers?
      • Make sure you have people coming in
      • What are you doing to bring lost people in?
      • Make the messages applicable to the listeners
      • Make the services exciting by starting and ending on time
      • It’s best not to preach more than 30-35 minutes
      • What is the main point that they should go home with?
      • Too many young preachers are too interested in preparing expository messages and not in being a soul-winner
      • There is nothing wrong with expository preaching, every message should be expository and expose what the Scriptures say
      • But if you don’t have a message that is applicable and meaningful in the life of the people, then you aren’t ready to preach
      • We need to get out on the street and see people saved and get them into church
    • What training do you do to help the people in your church?
      • The first thing that I have in mind at my church is preparing workers to leave my church
      • I want to prepare people to leave my church and go start other churches
      • We have a monthly deacons in training meeting where we go over doctrine, practice, and discipline
      • Currently we have four deacons, and we have had a total of seven. Three of the seven are serving as missionaries. 
      • Then we’re going to have discipleship for everything else
      • Everything in our church has to be focused on how we can grow our people to maturity

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