Riots in Sweden

Riots have broken out in the town of Malmo, Sweden after Korans were burnt in the street. The Korans were burnt in reaction to the far-right party “Hard Line” not being allowed to hold a meeting.

Rioters threw stones at police and burnt tires late on Friday night. Several arrests have been made.

This unrest highlights the need for real peace in the country Sweden that can only come through Jesus.

Sweden is a country of 10 million people with very few missionaries and gospel preaching churches.

Who will carry the gospel to the country of Sweden so that people can find true and lasting peace with God?

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Since 2004, Travis has been serving the Lord in the United Kingdom, teaching the Bible and starting churches. He and his wife Teri have three children and are sent out of Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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