Leadership with Vision


Pastor Austin Gardner conducts an interview with missionary Kanon Bloom who has just arrived in Taiwan. Kanon recaps his time as a missionary in mainland China and explains what is happening there and why he is not returning at this time. Make sure to catch part two, coming August 20th! http://austingardner.net/NewEnglishPodcast/China_with_Kanon_1.mp3
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Everyone in ministry struggles with spiritual warfare in one way or another. The aim of this episode is that you will better understand what spiritual warfare is, and how you can deal with it on the mission field or wherever you serve. http://austingardner.net/NewEnglishPodcast/Spiritual_Warfare.mp3
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Pastor Gardner shares his story of how God worked in His life and raised him up from a near death experience. You won’t want to miss this espisode! http://austingardner.net/NewEnglishPodcast/Austins_Testimony.mp3
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